What are your hours of operation?
The gym is open 24/7/365 for members. Staff hours are Mon-Fri 8am-8pm Sat 10am-2pm. Hours of operation can also be found here.

What do I need to bring/do the first time I come to the gym to sign up?

Press the outside service button located between the glass double doors and wait for a staffed member to let you in. They will take you around the gym and show you everything that we have to offer and answer any questions you have about Core 24. If you decide to join all you will need to bring is a state issued ID and some type of payment form, we accept all major credit cards, cash and checks.

How much is a membership at Core 24?

All membership pricing can be found here.

Are memberships at Core 24 contracts?

No, all of the memberships are month to month biased. So, you can cancel at anytime without and penalty or fees!

How much are classes?

All of our classes are FREE for members! Download the 'Mindbody Connect' app to see and sign up for all of our classes.

Do you provide lockers and towel service?

Yes, we offer private locker rentals and towel service for small upgrade in membership.

What do you provide in your locker rooms?

Our full service locker rooms are equipped with lockers, showers and even saunas! You will leave our facility just as fresh, if not more than when you arrived.

How will I check in?
Once you are a member you can check in by scanning your access card on scanner beside the door when you enter and exit.

Do you have guest passes?

Day Passes are $8.00 and week passes are $20.00.
You will have access to the facilities ONLY during staffed hours.

Do you have a member referral program?

Yes! If you invite a friend who has never been a member before and they join you will receive a free month. Details here.

What do I do if I forget my gym access card?

If you forget to bring your gym card during staffed hours do not worry, just press the outside service button and we will check you in at the front desk. If you forget you gym access card after hours and someone lets you in, then you need to leave a note at the front desk stating your name and who let you in the facility.

Can I give my gym access card to friends or family to use?

No. Under no circumstances can you give your gym access card to anyone else to use. If we find you letting other people use your card or letting in friends with you (that haven’t paid for a guest pass), you will be charged $10 per time and could result in termination of membership. You can bring a guest for $8/day during staffed hours only.

Do you have corporate rates/programs?

A reduction in membership rates is available for select companies listed here.

Can I have a corporate event at the club?

Our facilities may be rented. Please see the front desk for details.

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